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Your Wedding, Your Day, Your Way!

Your wedding invitation is the grand announcement to all your family and friends of your BIG DAY!
Wedding cards are no longer just an invitation but a way of expressing one’s personal style & flair
for life’s most sacred event.
A wedding is not only an occasion marked by the joining of two souls, but weaving together two families and their culture.
We believe that the perfect beginning for such a grand event should be embarked with a perfect wedding invitation.
Our wedding cards, designed and printed by our sister company, Fuzion Printing, show exquisite craftsmanship using exclusive paper and raw material.
The key factor here is innovation and constant search for the unusual.
Our cards are designed on vibrant, colourful, handmade papers, silk, vellum and velvet.
Choose from any of our existing templates or have our graphics team of print specialist create one that fits your specific needs.
Please visit our sister site, Fuzion Printing, and pick the invitation to make YOUR day extra special.